Currently Fairfield County, CT has 24 dog parks and dog-friendly areas and 16 of these spots are fenced-in parks. Guess what? They’re all great! They are all cared for lovingly by a combination of local towns or private citizens and I’ve visited every single one and met lovely people and dogs at them all.

However, in my travels I’ve noticed that two fenced-in parks stand out… Bark Park Dog Park in Ridgefield, CT and Newtown Park & Bark in Newtown, CT.

What sets these parks apart from the others is how lavish they are. In both instances, private residents have stepped forward and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to make these parks shine. This translates into extra special features and an advanced level  of maintenance and care that each park displays.

For instance, Bark Park Dog Park in Ridgefield has a special “doggie shower” area to wash off your dog after it has fun getting dirty. The park is also pristine and features paved brick walkways, plenty of running areas for both big and small dogs, and agility equipment. The park even features two extra fenced-in areas devoted to dog training, so handlers and trainers can concentrate with their dogs without being distracted by other dogs in the park.

newtown-waterNewtown Park & Bark also has some special features no other park has. It features a beautiful “doggie waterpark” area in a paved section under a metal pavilion that has a water sprayer to keep dogs cool in the summer time. This park is also immaculately kept and features agility equipment and plenty of room for both small and big dogs to run free.

I don’t really have a favorite park in Fairfield County but right now these two parks really stand out in a good way!

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Favorite Fenced-In Parks

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