new-fairfield-frontLocation: 56 Gillotti Rd., New Fairfield, CT (Upon entering the driveway to New Fairfield Middle School, make the first right and park near the children’s playground. The dog park is to the right of it.)


  • Dog owners are solely liable for injuries and damages caused by their dogs. Use of the park area is at user’s own risk.
  • Absolutely no aggressive dogs allowed in the dog park area. Dogs should be removed from the park immediately upon any sign of aggression.
  • Leash your dog upon entering and exiting the dog park.
  • Dogs must have a valid license and be current on all their vaccinations.
  • Dog owners must be inside the dog park and within view of their dog(s) at all times.
  • Dogs shall be under owner’s voice command at all times.
  • Dog owners must immediately clean up after their dog(s) and dispose of wast properly, utilizing appropriate wast receptacles.
  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times while in the dog park.
  • Female dogs in heat and puppies under 4 months are prohibited from entering the dog park.
  • No food (dog or human) or glass containers are allowed in the off-leash park area. Use of dog toys within the park area is discouraged.
  • Failure to abide by these rules will result in the revocation of your privilege to use the dog park.

new-fairfield-parkHours: Dawn to dusk

Parking: There is ample free parking onsite.

Description: New Fairfield Dog Park is across from the children’s playground on the property of New Fairfield Middle School. It sits on a little more than an acre of land and features separated fenced-in sections and double-gated entrances for large and small dogs. The park also features bench seating, poop bag dispensers, waste bins and cedar chip ground cover in the large-dog section. There are some trees onsite and the entire property is very well-maintained and kept clean. We hear at Halloween time they have a doggie costume parade!

dusty-circle-smREVIEW BY DUSTY BLUE: This was another park where I started on the small-dog side, but some of the big dogs ran to the fence and whined for me to come to their side… so I did! They were a lively bunch and I had to growl at some of the bigger puppies to get them in line. Not a problem after they understood who was boss! There is plenty of running room and trees for me to mark and check out, and some people had put out bowls of water for us dogs to drink. This is a very nice place and it had some great dogs and some nice people.