Rules: No rules posted. Enter at your own or your dog’s risk.

Hours: Dawn to dusk

Parking: There is ample free parking onsite.

Description: Newtown Park & Bark is located on a two-acre field at 21 Old Farm Rd, off Wasserman Way, adjacent to the animal shelter, across the street from the existing Governor’s Horse Guard. There are currently over 1,850 dogs registered in Newtown, CT  and in the town, dogs are prohibited from entering town parks, and must be leashed on all public property. Because of this, the town donated a parcel of land and Newtown citizens stepped forward with hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to create one of the county’s more pristine dog parks. The fenced-in park features segregated sections and entrances for small and large dogs, bench seating, poop bag dispensers, waste receptacles, watering stations, a bulletin board, and high-end agility equipment. The park lawn is very well maintained and overlooks a beautiful wooded section of Newtown.

newtown-fenceSpecial features: There is also a paved “water park” feature that sprays a fountain of water on hot dogs under a pavilion.

dusty-circle-smREVIEW BY DUSTY BLUE: This park is gorgeous! And there was plenty of room for me to run around. I went into the big-dog section because the dogs there were whining for me to come join them. So I did, and I had a blast with them. Then, they were so friendly, they cried when it was time for me to leave! This park is so large, newly-renovated and well-maintained, that it is easily one of the nicest fenced-in parks in Fairfield County. It ranks right up there with Bark Park Dog Park in Ridgefield, CT.