Location: 320 Nells Rock Rd. , Shelton, CT

    1. A dog must be licensed and vaccinated.
    2. Maximum three dogs per owner
    3. Aggressive dogs and dogs in heat are not allowed.
    4. Dogs must be on a leash until they are in the fenced area of the park.
    5. Owners must clean up after their dogs and repair any holes that are dug.
    6. Owners are responsible for their dog’s behavior.
    7. Enter the park at your own risk.

Hours: Dawn to dusk

Parking Instruction: Free dedicated parking in clearly marked areas

Description: Shelton Dog Park is a recreational space of just less than two acres where residents can take their dogs to socialize. Built in 2010, Shelton Dog Park includes two fenced-in areas that accommodate large and small dogs. The park sits adjacent to hiking trails and other recreational and multi-use activities. Dog poop bags, waste containers and water are readily available, as are seating areas on both sides of the park. Caretakers have also done a nice amount of landscaping to keep the park looking nice. Agility equipment is offered on the big-dog side of the park.


dusty-circle-smREVIEW BY DUSTY BLUE: This park has nice dogs and people and it separates the big dogs from the small, which is good. I took a run in both sides of the park… the small dogs area and the big dogs area. Big dogs don’t bother me and I’m the life of the party wherever I go, so I never have any problems. There is a watering area on the small dog side but it is kept covered and it takes a human to remove the cover to let us dogs get access to it. I liked it here, and I met some very nice dogs who were all glad to meet me!