Location: 45 Calf Pasture Beach Rd., Norwalk, CT (to the left of Calf Pasture Beach entrance and right across from Shady Beach Park)

Rules: None posted. Enter at your own and your dog’s risk.

taylorfarm-benchParking: There is a designated parking lot on the south side of the park that requires a Norwalk resident beach pass to be displayed or you will get a ticket. Beach passes are not required after Oct. 1, however, and non residents may park for free until Memorial Day.

Description: The park is a rolling expanse of roughly 4.5 acres of land across from Shady Beach Park in Norwalk. The land is split almost directly in half by a small copse of woods that separates the north and south sides. The south side has a single garbage can and picnic table seating area and the north side has a picnic table seating spot in an area of shady trees. Both sides feature large, open areas for dogs to run and the south side has a tidal pool for water-loving dogs. The majority of dogs that visit are off leash and well behaved, and the park is well known for hosting a wide variety of dog breeds.

taylorwaterSpecial features: The south side of the park has a good-sized water feature with a fountain to curb algae growth. For those dogs inclined to the water, this is a perfect spot for them.

dusty-circle-smREVIEW BY DUSTY BLUE: This is my favorite dog park in Fairfield County! I can run to my heart’s content and since I’m a herding dog, I can go crazy here. I have personally marked every tree on the south side of the park and I’ve done my best to do so on the north side as well. I’ve only met one mean dog here, but luckily he was on a leash and his owner kept him under control. I’ve made a ton of friends here and can be found in this park on almost any weekend. This park is my idea of doggy heaven!