I’ve written about my rating of the Top 14 Dog Parks in Fairfield County, my Favorite Dog Friendly Areas, and my Favorite Fenced-in Parks in Fairfield County.

But neither of these blog posts have covered my actual favorite places for me to run my 24-lb. butt off and go crazy sniffing and peeing on as many trees as I can handle at one time. All of them are in Fairfield County, CT and I love all three about the same.

#3: My recent fave is Winslow Dog Park off of Compo Rd. in Westport, CT. This place has everything a herding dog like me could want… rolling hills, plenty of trees, wooded trails… and plenty of other dogs to herd! Even though I live fairly close to this place, I didn’t realize it existed until my owner decided to build this website on Fairfield County Dog Parks, and we both stumbled upon it together. I’ve visited this place multiple times and love the beautiful setting, acres of unfenced, rolling greenery and a great mix of nice people and nice dogs… especially on the weekends.

#2: Another big fave of mine is Cranbury Park. Whenever my owner lets me out of the car at this beautiful park in Norwalk, I make a certain sound in my throat to let him know I’m very happy… while I’m running 90 miles per hours with my ears back! I LOVE running on the Great Lawn in front of Gallaher Mansion, and I love hanging out with all of the dogs in the designated dog area not far from it. I have met some very nice people and dogs here and it is one of my go-to spots whenever I need to get some running time in. One weekend my owner and his daughter took me deep into the trails of this place and I’ll never forget it. Very fun time.

dusty-taylor#1: Probably my favorite of all time is Taylor Farm Park. I’ve been here so many times and have made so many friends that it is my favorite place in the world! I have marked every tree on the south side… I’m not kidding! And I love running up the rise at the end of the wooded area that comes out on the other side where there are usually more dogs and people hanging out in the open field on the north side. I did get a tick here when I ran through the wooded area last fall, so be on the look out for them. But overall, Taylor Farm Park is my number-one favorite place in Fairfield County, CT.

Top 3 Fenceless Dog Parks in Fairfield County, CT

3 thoughts on “Top 3 Fenceless Dog Parks in Fairfield County, CT

  • April 12, 2021 at 8:35 am

    Thank you for this website! We are moving to the area and soooo needed this info!

  • July 5, 2021 at 8:06 am

    We are longtime Cranbury park lovers. Be advised the largest field by the mansion is for people only. Also, the playground by the parking lots. This came about 15? Or so years ago, when the Town almost made this a leash park, due to a few complaints. The dog lovers heard about this and we flooded the next meeting. When they realized how important the park was too many voters. They backed off. But the restrictions have been reasonable and fair. I think there are still signs warning of a $100 fine for dogs on the large field. Of course this is my recollection only.


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