Location: 307 Indian Ledge Park Rd., Trumbull, CT (On the grounds of Indian Ledge Park near the intersection of Indian Ledge Park Rd. and Whitney Ave.)

trumbull-cansRules: All dogs must be neutered or spayed to access the park. A Trumbull resident sticker is required for parking.

Parking: Plenty of parking is available adjacent to and surrounding the dog park which is on the grounds of Indian Ledge Park. Trumbull resident stickers are required.

Description: Situated near the crossing of Indian Ledge Park Rd. and Whitney Ave. in the center of the sprawling Indian Ledge Park in Trumbull, the Trumbull Dog Park is a fenced-in, off-leash park on a roughly 1.5 acre property. Most of the grounds are covered with cedar chips, and plenty of doggie poop bags and waste receptacles are provided. There is a good-sized seating pavilion for those wishing to stay out of the direct sun, and some agility equipment is onsite. The park is divided into segregated sections for large dogs and small dogs and each section has its own double-gated entrance. Seating consists of plastic chairs, lawn chairs and a few picnic tables.

dusty-circle-smtrumbull-seatingREVIEW BY DUSTY BLUE: This park was OK, but it didn’t have many trees. I liked the open area for running, but I had a hard time running on the large cedar chips. Also, my owner grumbled something about my muddy feet when I got back in the car, so I guess those chips made my feet track some dirt. I went to both sides of the park and I was happy to see that a lot of the small dogs had dug some nice holes for me to check out! Plenty of sniffing opportunities.