Location: Old Fish House Rd, Monroe, CT


  1. Park closes at SUNSET.
  2. NO alcoholic beverages or intoxicating substances.
  3. NO littering, dumping, or polluting park waters.
  4. Visitors must remove all items brought in.
  5. NO Vandalism including removal of trees, plants, wildlife, fuel wood or earth material.
  6. NO hunting, fireworks, or weapons (including firearms, air guns, archery equipment, paint ball and martial arts implements.)
  7. NO ATVs or motorized trail bikes
  8. NO disorderly conduct, obscene behavior or form of rough play.
  9. Dogs must be on a leash no longer than seven feet.
  10. Dogs must have rabies vaccination and current license. Owners must show proof upon request.
  11. One dog per campsite. Dogs must be attended at all times.
  12. Owner must clean up after dog.
  13. Fires in established fire pits or in camp stoves ONLY. NO fire kindled or maintained within five feet of any tree or shrub.

Hours: Daily, dawn to dusk

webb-lightParking: There is ample free parking at the park entrance.

Description: Webb Mountain Park in Monroe, CT features campsites and trails through dense hemlock and mixed deciduous trees, covering almost two miles of area. The park is dog friendly and dogs are preferred on leash. There are no poop bags and very few trash receptacles available so please be prepared to bring your own. The mostly-wooded area is very remote and is quite a drive from the Merritt Parkway through winding roads and beautiful countryside (especially in autumn).

dusty-circle-smREVIEW BY DUSTY BLUE: This is another place like Lake Mohegan or Mianus River Park that is not necessarily a dog park but it is beautiful land where many people take their dogs on leash. I loved it here! On the day I went with my owner, we didn’t see a single person or dog and we hiked for quite a while. The drive out took a long time and I whined and cried the whole way because I wanted to get out and run. When we got here I ran down the trails at full speed and marked every tree I could, but there were still thousands more that I couldn’t get to. This place is huge, beautiful, and one of my favorite places!